Paul McCartney applauds Mi'kmaq cover of ‘Blackbird’

It wasn't too long ago when 16-year-old Emma Stevens took the internet by storm with her rendition of “Blackbird” by The Beatles in the Mi’kmaq language.

As the video went viral (it currently has 439,200 views on YouTube), supporters took to social media, tagging Sir Paul McCartney in hopes of getting his attention.

Turns out, the legendary rock star has taken notice.

"There's an incredible version done by a Canadian girl. You’ll see it on YouTube. It's in her native language," McCartney said in a video from a recent concert. "It's really cool, check it out."

Back in April, students of Allison Bernard Memorial High School in Eskasoni, N.S., translated and recorded the classic song to raise awareness of the Mi’kmaq language, which is spoken by less than 10, 000 people. Produced by their music teacher Carter Chiasson, the video was made in support of The International Year of Indigenous Languages, an initiative by the United Nations.

Stevens recently spoke at the UN-Habitat Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya to raise awareness about the inquiry of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, as well as the red dress movement in Canada.

“It saddens me to say that 4,000 Indigenous women in my country have gone missing or were murdered since the 1970's and many of those crimes have gone unsolved,” Stevens said in her speech.

She sang the Mi’kmaq Honour Song in their dedication.